The One Leadership Gap That Can Make You Great

In this episode of the Branding Blowout podcast, I interviewed Lolly Daskal, CEO and founder of Lead from Within, a leadership consulting firm. Lolly’s extensive cross-cultural experience spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies. Her new book The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness will be released in May 2017. […]

From $0 to Millionaire: How 6 Entrepreneurs Went Broke, Then Became Successful

Going broke. Hitting rock bottom. Crashing and burning. Whatever you call it, these mega-successful entrepreneurs—and members of The Oracles—have lived it. They share their stories of how losing it all helped them reach even greater success. 1. Discover your obsession. Once as a kid, while walking into a shop I dropped the quarter that was […]

This Founder Shares the Secret to How to Make Your Business Last

Brit Morin is on a mission to empower women and give them the tools and inspiration to build their own creative ventures. After working at Google and Apple, Morin launched her media company Brit + Co, in 2011. As founder and CEO, Morin oversees a community of over 125 million users and over 100 employees […]

3 Strategies for Thinking and Acting Courageously

To be successful in business, you must be bold and have courage to take calculated risks. Courage often makes the difference between overcoming a challenge and staying stuck, paralyzed and afraid to act. The main difference between those who courageously act and those who don’t boils down to how we view fear. Courage is not […]

How to workout at home

Exercise is key for a healthy lifestyle and complements a balanced diet, but getting fit doesn’t have to mean costly gym fees. Khalid Shakir, rehabilitation and fitness specialist at Harley Street Health Centre in London, shares his top tips and exercises for working out at home… Going to the gym isn’t for everyone. The costs […]