What I Learned About Myself After Sampling 6 Religions

Six monks in saffron-colored robes and one balding man in Adidas sweatpants and a black T-shirt sit in front of me on the ground, cross-legged, in complete silence. No one scratches their shaved head or shifts their weight. They are completely still and have been for almost 15 minutes. Prior to the stillness, they had […]

9 Things Successful People Never Do in the Morning

Stop skipping breakfast. Seriously. Mornings can be your biggest advantage to a productive day. They can also be your biggest time suck, setting you up to a day of yawning and distraction. We asked the experts—nine members of the Young Entrepreneur Council—what mistakes we should avoid while starting our days. Here’s what they said. 1. […]

How to Survive a Micromanaging Boss

A common complaint I hear during my coaching and training sessions is, “My boss is a micromanager.” When I ask for the details, the person typically describes a story that sounds similar to this one: “He is always checking in on my work. He is always making corrections and scrutinizing my projects. He singles me […]

Do These 4 Things to Become a Morning Person

I’ve never been one to wake up early. Even on Christmas morning, I was the child who dragged her feet to the tree, rubbing her eyes as we opened presents. However, it has become an undisputable fact that waking up early makes you a happier, more successful person. According to Harvard Business Review, “a higher […]

If You Think Your Boss Is Harsh, Read Steve Harvey’s Blunt Email to His Employees

If you think your boss is tough, be happy you don’t work for television personality Steve Harvey. Harvey — who stars in the upbeat daytime talk show full of jokes and relationship advice The Steve Harvey Show — is known for his silly, out-there personality. However, what’s on the screen is definitely not what you […]